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We are Alberta’s only creative, unique and affordably priced alternative to floral bouquets.

We have been providing Edmonton and St. Albert with a consumer alternative to floral bouquets since 1991. Bears and Wishes offers Teddy Bear balloon bouquets for customers who want to say “I love you”, “I enjoyed our date”, “You’re doing a great job for our company” – in a unique, memorable and lasting way.

Flowers, candies and cookie bouquets are consumables – a plush gift allows the memory to linger.


With our unique combination of superior plush and endless combinations of balloon bouquets, Bears and Wishes offers a franchise opportunity that fulfills customer needs in any geographical location and for any possible gift-giving occasion.

The franchising arm of Bears and Wishes is recruiting individuals who love the idea of creating just-the-right gift for each individual customer and have a keen appreciation for superior customer service.

People having a passion for customer satisfaction in addition to business/managerial skills and savvy, are invited to investigate the enviable advantage of being a Bears and Wishes franchisee.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a consumer’s first choice when sending a unique gift.

Why Franchise?

We know that as a prospective franchisee your major concern is security for your investment and here are some facts: 90% of all small businesses fail in their first year. And those that do survive rarely create the exit strategy that franchising creates for a business. In fact, the U.S. Dept. of Commerce says that 93% of franchises survive. Franchising greatly reduces the learning curve, provides initial and on-going training and support, and fellowship with other like-minded franchise owners which ultimately improves net worth.

Why A Bears & Wishes Franchise?

» Proven (18 years) business concept alternative to flowers
» Personal direction for: site selection, store fixturing, initial staff training and Grand Opening planning
» Start Up and On-going Assistance (you will never be alone)
» Comprehensive Operations Manual including Training module
» Distinctive Trade Mark Signage
» Brand Awareness & Proven Marketing Programs (all marketing materials)
» Exclusive Territories
» Our Network of Services Available For You
» Low initial investment with high potential return

The Win-Win Opportunity

Bears and Wishes future growth initiative is to accelerate development in attractive new markets. We believe that a franchising opportunity will secure the company's position as the market leader in alternative gift-giving.

No other business is offering what Bears and Wishes does. Prospective Franchisees get to be in on this evolutionary franchise opportunity. N-O-W is the time ! !

Bears and Wishes will support and train Franchisees on all aspects of running a Bears and Wishes outlet. Bears and Wishes has a vested interest in seeing their Franchisees succeed. The Bears and Wishes retail family will pass along to you the knowledge and expertise that has built their proven business plan. We are here for your on-going resource and success.

A Bears and Wishes franchise can be your vehicle for gaining personal wealth and independence. Most franchises revolve around the increased profitability when the business succeeds, and provides profits to an owner in a shorter time frame than an independent business. With the support of our experienced family, a Bears and Wishes franchise allows you to realize your personal and financial goals.

Earn your worth
» Choose Your Job Description
» Satisfaction of Achievement
» Benefit from Experience
» Be Part of our Business Family

Initial Investment

The initial investment in a Bears and Wishes franchise opportunity varies between $80,000 and $200,000 (depending on a number of factors) with respect to the opportunity you decide to choose. These figures include all initial fees, inventory, initial marketing and operating capital.

Territories Available

Canada-wide, all cities will be considered.
Immediate applications for: Calgary, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg

Contact Us

2 Edmonton City Centre
Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5J 2Y7
Tel: (800) 567-9389
Fax: (866) 577-8708
e-mail us at:

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. How much time will I have to commit to Bears and Wishes?
A. Our franchise system is based on our franchises being “Owner Operated”. Our stores are normally operated by our Franchisees with varying numbers of employees. However with the right employees in place, our Franchisees could certainly become less “hands on”. Our initial discussions with potential franchisees cover the various scenarios possible.

Q. Can I get an exclusive territory?
A. Yes, based on market demographics, area population, local name recognition, and many other variables we shall stipulate a set territory for each franchise location.

Q. Can I open more than one store?
A. Yes, exceptional performers will be encouraged to grow with Bears and Wishes by sharing their expertise and expanding their growth plans.

Q. Will I have to relocate?
A. You will not have to relocate if you live in or near an available company-selected market. You may find that there are relocation options available if you do wish to move.

Q. Will Bears and Wishes help me with site selection?
A. Yes, our staff is experienced in choosing and negotiating prime lease space. In addition we’re looking to turnkey operations in the future.

Q. How long will it take to open my Bears and Wishes?
A. Opening will be based on the availability of a suitable location. Once a site is found, opening can take place in as few as 30 days or an many as 120 days, depending on the site selected and the amount of work that must be done to prepare it for opening.

Q. What is the term of a Bears and Wishes franchise, and is it renewable?
A. The term for a Bears and Wishes franchise is seven years and is renewable for two additional terms of five years each.

Facts About Franchising

Franchising is the leading method of doing business, and will continue to grow as it adapts to new industries and methods of doing business. According to the Canadian Franchise Association, Canada now boasts 76,000 franchise establishments, with annual revenues of about $100 billion, while CBC's "Venture" program reports that approximately 45% of all money spent in Canada is through franchising. The future looks bright for the franchising industry. According to industry expert David Gray, "With nearly half of all new retail businesses in Canada being franchised businesses, Canada has established itself as a leader in the franchising industry."

Investment security is always a concern when considering a business venture. Did you know that U.S. Dept. of Commerce reports that 90% of small businesses fail in their first year while franchising has an impressive 93% success rate in first-year of operations? According to the Dept. of Commerce:
Franchising accounts for one trillion dollars per year
Increasing at 8% per year
Represents approximately 16% of U.S. GNP
Employs 9 million people
Accounts for over 40% of all retail sales
In addition, franchising provides a shorter learning curve, provides initial and on-going training, and ultimately improving net worth.

What the Experts are Saying

The impact on the service industry (because of technology continues), and companies such as Bears and Wishes are positioned very well to take advantage of the opportunities created. Business owners and operators will be able to shop from their offices and homes using Bears and Wishes’ on-line quote function.

Top Reasons to Invest in Bears & Wishes

» N-O-W is the time ! !
» Strong Support to Grow Your Business
» Prospective Franchisees get to be in on this evolutionary franchise opportunity
» The only established Teddy Bear Balloon Bouquet service
» Prides itself in catering to each customer and their special needs in order to help them recognize special occasions
» Outstanding ROI
» On-site training available (at Franchisee’s cost)
» Franchise-wide Website
» The Best Industry Training and Support
» High quality products sourced out personally by the Franchisor
» No other business is offering what Bears and Wishes does
» World-wide market – no distance too short or great

If you would like to take part in this franchise opportunity, please print off the Request For Consideration form below, fill it out and fax back to us at 866-577-8708 or email to us at

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